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Have you ever been at a loss having to shop for a puzzle for your children? In this case, you know how difficult it is to decide on a particular option due to hundreds of them. How many pieces? What topic? What material? In fact, there are many questions that you should find answers to before making a purchase. In this blog, we will try to make things clear.

The first thing to decide is the type of puzzle. There are lots and lots of them, but they all can be reduced to only two main types: inset puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. The former is made of wood or foam and consists of big pieces that interlock but not in a way jigsaw puzzles do. However, the major difference from jigsaws is the presence of a frame or a tray in which one should fit all the pieces. The most popular examples are peg and knob puzzles, which are perfect for small children. Unlike inset puzzles, jigsaw puzzles have interlocking pieces that come in a great variety of difficulty levels and sizes, which is better for older kids.

Another thing is the number of pieces. Choose the number that will be neither too easy to cope with nor two difficult. Increase the complexity gradually.

What about the topic. It can be animals, cartoon characters, nature. Just show your child some pictures on each topic and see which one will take his or her interest.

One of the key aspects is the size of pieces. The smaller the kid is, the bigger size he or she needs because they are safer and easier to assemble.

As for the material, opt for cardboard, wood, or foam. Wooden puzzles are ideal for small children as they are hard to break. Foam pieces are easier to interlock.

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